Stand Still

Ever sense I was 6 I have constantly been moving from home to home, my parents got a divorce and I lived with my mother in our new house that they had bought b4 the divorce. Then we moved to an apt and I lived there for a while going back and forth to visit my dad and his new wife... Then we moved to this place that reminded me of those horror flicks of the towns in the middle of nowhere. After living there for a cpl of years we moved into a home, finally having a front/backyard, yet after a cpl of yrs we left there and are now in another apt. Now after all the moving we haven't been here for more than 5 months and are already having to think about moving to Ohio or at least my mom and  I would have to move back to my dads. I just want for once to be able to live somewhere long enough to enjoy it and to just not be running around constantly for once I wish I had some type of stability in my life ( friends, family, or just some control over what happens in my life which I am slowly gaining). Then I will be able to do things like travel or at least do what I would like to do.
Manovertree Manovertree
18-21, M
May 31, 2007