Lets Start a Band.hey Why Not?

Dear friends

I fell in love with rock music 25 years ago when i was in the medical school.

Never could learn the guitar or try put a band except once in the closing years.

I learnt the guitar my own way.teachers came and went.never mastered it.

still,i made a plunge one last time .all my songs written over the years i lost on the way.

still i keep writing.

This time around i want to make it happen.this is a dream.

i welcome friends with ideas and i have songs.soon i may have my band that iam putting together.

by ideas i mean everything.how to record and share it ,how to better the songs,vocals etc

iam with anyone who has this lovely dream.

iam in india ,chennai.




auronarayan auronarayan
Apr 13, 2008