All I Want To Do

I want to be the bassist in a band, and actually play music, and go on tour. That's all I ever want to do, playing bass is the only thing I'm good enough at, I couldn't make up my own basslines I don't think, not at this stage anyway. Problem is, the only people who live near me who like the same(ish) music as me, are either annoying, mean or can't play instruments. So yeah, it's annoying.
Clarissataylor Clarissataylor
18-21, F
6 Responses Dec 10, 2012

well i can sing really good because i sing to simple plan a lot and i get better every day so do u want to start a band

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what do u mean

Have you considered a virtual band kinda thing? Like, over the internet?

what do u mean

What area are you in?

Area as in?

State and/or city

king city oregon

nice so do u like pantera and megadeath and simple plan

ur prrty young. but i dont mean it in a bad way so dont give up. its just how far r u really willing to go u say tours and wht not but chances r ull if u find someone on here they will live miles away. would u be willing to leave to achieve your dream even? like i said tho. dont let me bring u down its just a harmless question.

That's a pretty good question, that hasn't actually occurred to me.
I'm 13 though, so if I was willing to leave I couldn't haha.

lol dont give up tgo. i live in a small town with little to no musicians so finding band members isnt very easy. just keep an open mind and an ear. eventually ull find someone. being in a band is fun going, on tour is tough wrk. i cant speak from experience but its like anything in life the more success u wish to achieve the harder ull hav to work for it. good luck

Thanks :)