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I would really like to start a book club here on EP.  A proper book club, where we agree on a book to read and then read a chapter at a time and discuss it.  I think EP is perfectly set up for the task.  If there's anyone out there who would like to join a book club, leave a comment.  Suggestions for books would also be helpful.

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I'd like to join the club! However, my resources may be limited at this point. My best source for books is the internet.

Hows about A fine Balance written by Rohon Mistry.<br />
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The book is excellent. It is based in India in the 1920's at a time when the cast system was being replaced by democracy.<br />
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The story is happy and sad and full of emotion. The story is the best story ever written. In my opinion. I've never met another person who has read it and that is why I think this would make a great book. If you reply that you will go out and get the book and start this book club than yes I will join your club and your circle or whatever. I will read it chapter by chapter with you. I will laugh cry and shout out with you as the events of the story twist and turn.<br />
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But if you choose twighlight I may just have to go hang myself LOL Just Kidding.

Actually, I'm not from Indonesia; I've just spent a lot of time there (and I love the place!).

You are from Indonesia. Where did you hear about 1984? (just add you to my circle)

I haven't read Twighlight yet. I hear it's very popular so maybe there are others out there who are interested. I'd also be totally up for 1984.<br />
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Can we see if we can get five people to agree on a book for a start? I reckon that'd be enough to start a club and then others can join as they wish.<br />
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Thanks, Philaz, I'm really happy that someone has responded to the idea.

How about Twilight? 1984 or just some classic