A Slave Experience

Most people that get into slave training have been dreaming about being a slave for a long time before they get the courage to actually try a slave experience. Slaves often feel guilty and anxious about the hidden desire to be controled and disciplined by a strong mistress Depression often follows because of the state of the slaves mental and emotional psyche. One particular slave i trained many years ago comes to mind she was about 35 years old, living a vanilla dream lifestyle with husband kids anda job as a teacher she was desperately unhappy even though from the outside looking in she had an ideal life. Her family even close friends didn't know how unhappy she was.She came to me aching to just be told what to do, when to do it , and how to do it. I started her off by stripping her naked and puttting her on her knees .She was beautiful slim big 38 inch ****, nice waistline . midnight black hair cropped short, blue eyes, really elfin delicate facial features fine bone structure.I started off binding her breasts with leather straps , Once I had them bound I left her nipples exposed I began biting her nipples just little nips , then I took a small 8 inch whip and tortured her nipples whipping them until they bled ,She screamed and moaned begged me for more I strapped on a 9 inch studded ***** and spread her cheeks and slid into her *** and rammed in and out of her tight *** til she climaxed all over the place. It was an amazing experience of course there is much more that happend suffiice to say she soon realized she needed me to control and discipline her
sassieangel sassieangel
51-55, F
May 15, 2012