New In Business, No Customers.

I was layed off right before christmas. I was a meter reader in ocala, florida and when I was layed off I decided to try and start my own business. I have one son with another on the way, along with too many other bills to even list. I went ahead and bought all of the equipment that I would need and got insured. The whole nine yards but still cant seem to bring in any customers. If I cant get any customers soon I wont be able to stay in business. I have passed out flyers, I have business cards, my own website but dont know where else to take it. Anyone who could help with some business advice would be appreciated greatly.

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26-30, M
2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

The name of the business is The GroundsKeepers LLC. We are a property maintenance company offering everything from basic lawn care to carpentry. We have a combined experience of over 30 years. References available upon request. No job to big or small.<br />
As far as marketing we have been putting flyers out around town, we had advertisement signs made for the vehicle, I signed up for all the free advertising sites on the web that I can think of, weve had business cards made. Not to mention the contracts are all written, along with the purchase of Quickens for the financial part of it. Im to the point im not sure what else i can do. I thought about putting an add in the paper but would I get results from it? Ive spent about 150.00 so far in advertising, which isnt much, so if I could pull in the work and show people how good the work is, I could make up that amount easily. Any ideas to help me? It would be greatly appreciated. If this doesnt work im not sure what ill do as far as work.

You have printed up all this stuff but how are you marketing yourself?