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We live in a world where fast food has become the norm in the home of most families. We have lost even the desire to eat fresh fruit and vegetation from the land we once spent a great deal of time respecting. Nowadays, we view the land we own as an investment holding visions of buildings to occupy the space we once held sacred.

Much of the nutrients in our land has been depleted by companies looking for a profit in investments where many of the shareholders live in a foreign land. We have become a country where we look into each other's eyes to see what we can get out of each other's pockets and as much as we can. It isn't a wonder why so much of the food we eat is not longer properly nourishing our bodies as it did years ago. We have turned our backs on what once was prayed over in gratitude for sustaining our bodies.

And, so here we are. It is 2013 and much of what once fed our body and soul is no longer a food supply many people trust anymore. There are many people turning to Sea Vegetables to find their vitamins and trace minerals no longer found in the land we once admired.

"The oceans will be tomorrow's food store and drug store." - Jacques Cousteau

This quote may become a reality someday, but we still have time to honor what once was our friend and not an investment. Sea Vegetables are an excellent source of healthy foods found in the sea. It is also an excellent source of vitamins A, B1, C, E and K. 28 vitamins total.

Sea Vegetables are good for your heart, your eyes, digestion, vital nutrients used to help you fill your body with what it needs to no longer feel hungry. It is 50 times more potent than most land based salads. Yes, our bodies do hunger for healthy ingredients to allow our body to operate naturally and efficiently.

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Jan 13, 2013