I Need Help Organising A ************ Club/party

I've never been to one and I don't really know how they work but...

If I got to organise one I'd try to arrange it for an equal mix of males and females...maybe a maximum of 10 of each...maybe a couple less.
Since it would be a ************ party, any insertion of a penis into a vagina or anus would be banned...not sure about blow jobs and ***** licking...aren't these just mutual ************ but using the mouth?

I would have a load of coloured wrist bands available for anyone who wanted them...red ones for people who would be happy being touched intimately by a female...blue ones for those who would be happy being touched intimately by a male...and yellow ones for people who would be happy for males AND females to touch them intimately. Those who prefer to remain solo would not wear a wrist band. This saves the embarrassment of asking "would you mind if I....?".

There would be access to the internet available, magazines and DVDs/Videos. There'd also be a limited quantity of alcohol, plenty of soft drinks, tea & coffee and a few bowls full of stuff for the hungry.

Lighting would be dimmer than normal but not so dim that it was hard to see what others were doing.

The whole house would be open to everyone but the guests would have to respect the tidiness and cleanliness of the place.

Guests would be invited to bring their own toys and/or lube and/or anything else that they enjoy whilst pleasuring themselves.

My only problem is...I am married and couldn't organise this at my house (she really wouldn't approve!)...I would need someone to volunteer a location.

Maybe the guests could donate £2.00 each to go towards the drinks and food?

Any offers??? =o)
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

Sounds like a fun time that I would like to participate in!

would love to participate - you have it all planned out !