Truro Ns

I want to start a male / female ************ club in Truro NS. Anyone in the area interested?
NStruroman NStruroman
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

So, how's it going? I'd sign up. I live nearby and a mutual ************ session with a woman in a 'club' setting would be great.

Yeah man. This town is so ****** though... Hard to find a venue. Lot of old money controlling this town and they wouldn't let a peeler bar in, so I doubt they would let that fly. I actually have a few people interested, just no place to go...

What about something out of town but close? Perhaps a church basement? LOL

LMAO... Wow.. I hadn't thought of that. Wonder what they would think if they saw my group walking to their church hall? **** that is hilarious hahaha. I am thinking about a camping trip to a nice secluded spot this summer...