Something Has To Change

well ive been feeling this way for some time and to be honest not entirely sure what to do about the title states something has to change. im approaching 40 and im stuck in a job i fact i have 2 jobs i work 7 days a week to pay for a house i dont want or need. I had the overwhelming urge to just quit my job literally just walk in and say...**** it i quit...but then what?..i have 2 daughters one at college one at university...the one at uni feels the same she asks why is she doing a degree to get a job to earn money to do a job she hates to pay for a house and be stuck in rut just like me? how do i answer her when i feel the same. How has she come to this conclusion so young and its taken me another 20 odd years?....i dont want to be part of a community, i dont want to have neighbours as friends, i dont need a lot of people around me, i love animals and nature and sometimes feel disconnected with what should matter...and the things ive happiness..surely my relationship should be fullfiling and happy but its not, we want different things and all we do is argue at the moment....i want to just say **** it to my life sell up quit my job and start all over! is this a mid life crisis? i dont know all i know is im not happy.

So does anyone else feels unhappy feel like their hopes and dreams have never been fulfilled? i dont think a man is the answer to happiness i feel that sometimes a relationship pulls me down emotionally and ties me up with spending my time worrying about how my emotions and actions reflect on the people around me...responsibilities im sick of sick of being weighed down by the responsibility of other peoples feelings! a good mum and i try to listen and be there for my kids but they are grown up and will be going there own way and finding themselves so dont need me as much when is MY time?...when is ok to say im going to do what I WANT TO DO....if you want to come along then great if not then dont hold me back!!
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Have you ever considered trying a 3some (mfm) with 2 men together, where you can have a lot of fun w/o a heavy relationship! The affection sure lasts longer and it is a real turn on experiencing 2 or more men together! read my posted story on that experience, lol!

no thanks!! really no help at all

Way off topic. Guys like you give guys a bad name.