I Sometimes Want To Hear Suggestions That Would Really Work

Every time I had a strong desire to change my life totally, I always wanted someone to light my way. I have the idea but I could not find the power to achieve this goal. So many times I find myself thinking "There should be a single and simple way that can change everything". I know that it's not easy to formulate life like this but what if there is a single and simple way and what if I am not seeing it just because of the fear I have. I am a little bit confused at this point but still, I have that strong desire of starting a new, prosperous life.
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I agree that it is often fear, at the root, that holds us back. Maybe we just need to do our gardening. ;)

I couldn't have said that better.

I agree with JulyJewel about Ask - it's a brilliant book. Another good one of theirs is The Astonishing Power of Emotions. I am a big believer in affirmations for changing your life. If you're not familiar with making affirmations Louise Hay's "I can do it" is a great introduction. When you catch yourself saying "There should be a single and simple way that can change everything", turn it around into something else depending on what's actually going on in your life. You could try one of the following, or make your own up - "Making life changes is easy for me and I am seeing the results now", "I am open and receptive to being shown a simple way to change my life." "I am willing to release my need for struggle and suffering, I deserve to have a fulfilling life and I accept it now."<br />
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Good Luck

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I did not know their book on this. I really like Esther Hicks' opinions. Thank you for this suggestion. I will check immediately.

I too have searched and finally, finally have found something so easy, yet so powerful that it just blows me away!!! I stumbled upon a book, "Ask and It is Given" and read it from cover to cover and then began to actually LIVE some of the concepts and lo and behold, good things began to happen. I discovered the trick--you ASK and it is GIVEN, but you have to BELIEVE that what you ask for is already there for you. Please let go of your fear and look up "Ask and It is Given" by Esther and Jerry Hicks. It is an amazing read and so very helpful!