I always thought of this,i fell in love but
our love was forbidden and my heart sank
the day i told her. why must my love for
her be forbidden in this life i did nothing
wrong but loved is it a crime to love? i asked
why this life why must my love for her be
wrong? if only i can start a new life i would
really like too
newts newts
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

Hi i understand your dilemma.I have had to make sacfifices to be with my husband due to religion.My family have disowned me and I am a social outcast.At times I feel very isolated but knowing my husband loves me makes up for the family I now dont have.In the past I have been through realy hard times and found my family were never there for me,maybe that is why it was easier for me to make the decision I did.It is some times not religion but our morals and values that are the reasons for our actions.<br />
<br />
All the best andI hopethingswork out for you.

Family,"Religion" as some might say,being constantly reminded that it is forbidden for years. its sorta like romeo and Juliet but with a surprising twist instead of 2 different families there is just one waging war on its self