A Story From Those Who Happens Everyday!

I am a 21 years old guy from Egypt, -did any1 hear about it ? haha- anyway the story simply about a girl who I was deeply in love with her for 4 years and it was like a very serious relationship that should be ended by marriage but during my last year in college and i was so busy with my graduation project so I was a little careless but she never said something is wrong or anything and then suddenly she said I stopped loving you! and a week later I found out that she started to date her cousin who is living in the usa and was in a short visit to Egypt- only 3 weeks!- and now I am like with no goals, dreams in life, i am so alone wondering how could such a love just disappear like that in no time! I wish she comes back to her sense but it seems like its not gonna happen, 2 months passed! and im still in the shock, i wish i get my life back or even start a new one, i wish that all this pain just go away because i can't take it anymore!
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same here. suddenly my love dumped me out of nowhere. i dont know what to do or where to go and all the tmes he said heloved me he was lying and i have no drive to do anything u just want to die.

Sorry to hear your story, but please learn from this experience. The woman may jump back to you, and then you got to figure out why. I am sure it is worth it to you, but consider that it may happen again, or worse, like pregnant and need money support. Be prepare to be just friends.