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Wow...where Does A Person Begin???

It seems like things in my life have been so crazy in the past 6-7 years!!! I don't even know where to begin....I have been lied to by someone I loved,cheated on,cursed at by 2 neurotic bosses,(one tried to accuse me of something I did not do) I had to go talk to the apartment got broken into and lots of  things stolen,I bought diet pills on the internet and they were laced with something...made me do crazy things out of character...went  to jail (1st time in my life) it was living hell for 3 one would bail me out....they took me off all my meds...I had severe withdrawal from rxs that my Dr. had prescribed for me some 20 years ago. While incarcenated both my 2 beautiful  dogs (brothers) were taken away to another home....I  cried for days....before all of this I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer...they caught it in the early stages so it did not spread but I had 2 surgeries and  went into menapause....let me see it goes on and on.....3 of my brothers told me off...cursed at me,and one hit me in the head...all at different times...I am wondering who put this damn spell on me and I want to start all over again!!!
I seem to be everyones scapegoat..and I am very weary lately...I do have some wonderful friends (thank God) but how do I start trusting again????
I used to love life.....

Gwen1010 Gwen1010 46-50 3 Responses Nov 26, 2010

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wow when thing went babd they went bad! jail mail drugs laced?? cancer wow!!! well things can only get better . sounds like you could use a good friend. counseling a great start!! good luck

Thank-you for writing...I have been into counseling and am getting back into it ...hopefully it will help.<br />

Gwen, I am sorry to hear of your challenges. Have you seeked counseling? I have had much counseling and it, along with medication, has changed my life. I look at counseling as a class about me and I learn. It helps with dealing with others and setting up boundaries for yourself and others as well.<br />
<br />
Trusting others is essential. But I've learned that they must earn my trust first. I will respect someone off the bat, but not trust someone until they proved themself to me first. It does take time to develop the ability to trust again, this I learned.