I Have Been Thniking About This For A Long Time...

I remember, when I was a kid my parents was always comparing me with other kids and blame we of my mistakes or problems in this unfair comparison. I started living far from my family when I was 19 and started to feel better and more success but the feeling and attitude for compare and judgement was still with me. This was a big part of my life since 5 min ago. I want to start a new life and stop this comparing process. Besides I waste my time a lot, I spend lots of time on Emails, Facebook, news and other stuff and try to plagiarise every task and ignoring the important tasks and having the very bad feeling of regret and anger for myself all the time. I am a PhD student at the moment, I own a small business and very good friends, but there are points that I am not happy about and these points make me nerves and unhappy. I do not have an scholarship and I am spending my own savings, I do not have a job and I am not making money, I am 31 and still single and finally I am wasting my time. But you know what!!! I want to forget about all of these, I want to forget about I am ... I am ... I am and start a new life. I want to say that I have a very nice family who are supporting me, I have a healthy body and good looking face, I have wonderful friends, I have the power to change anything and I am the player of my own life and sure I can change it in any way.
AlirezaTayebi AlirezaTayebi
2 Responses Jan 7, 2011

Thank you for the comment, will you please explain for me? What do you mean by moving backward with much change?

You know what, you got the right mindset, but beware that sometimes too much change can move you backwards!