My Family Is Crazy

my mother is a very lost person who doesn't have any direction in life.  she drinks all day in the bathroom and sleeps all day in her bedroom.  My father smokes weed and forgets about all of this.  He is a very mean person.  Yells at me for no reason.  He is not a happy person.  I want to live some where else.  Maybe another state would be great.  A new life some where else would be really good.  It's just that it's not all that easy to get job and such.  If i move to california and have no job I will be homeless.  That would be a new life, but that's not that life I want to live.  Why does money have to be such an issue? uGh life is hard.
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2011

if u have tried ur level best nd still u dont think there is ought to be any hope ...then better you should grab any chance to leave... <br />
the matter is to have a moral stand ultimately....

i agree with ihopeitworks. you cannot reach to the phase "i would love to live" without going through "i dont like to live like this". :) <br />
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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Keep a sense of humor about yourself, about what you do, and even what is done to you. You will see the power of being light hearted. Good luck! :)