I Want To Start A New Life

I'm SDA member and i use to go to church regularly but since i started dating, i spend most of my time with my boyfriend. I started haviny problems which i think its bcos i've rejected God. I want to get closer to God again so i'm going to start afresh. Help me with prayer
Ferranda Ferranda
22-25, F
8 Responses Feb 10, 2012

amen and yes if you are devoted SDA then you know very well to do it you must be with in the circle of the same belief so that it would be easy for you both to be with God disciples of God....

for being a christian,your sarcastic answer was not funny

You are in my prayers. I am certain that if you search, you will find.

This is a good goal to have. Just as long as you are happy...good for you! :)

as above look inside you and youwill find a small bit of God. you are a part of the family of God

You can never be away from God. You are God! The living god. God is all.

thanks, i pray so too

I pray that you find your way back.