I Know My Strengths

Loved him before he was a Marine. Sent love through letters while he was becoming a Marine. Still with him now that he is a Marine. I was with him through it all. NOT because Im not strong enough to walk away... NOT because I'm blind like s...ome people think I am... Nor am I in denial... But because I know and understand that what ever happens.. I REGRET NOTHING. These will only be memories from a series of well learned events that have, and will continue to make me stronger. Im not blinded by love but can see clear as day because of it. I control my life. I make my own choices. I choose to be with him. I know a lot more than people think I know. The mistake many make is thinking girfriends don't know. Why? because they possibly couldn't know. I mean Look at how blind she is still with him. There is nothing wrong with fighting for something you feel is worth fighting for. But that would take a level of maturity and understanding. The level that many will never see. I'll have stories to tell with no regrets. As said by my boyfriend times before... "NUFF SAID"
Marine Girlfriends ♥

P.S. Strong enough to wait. Strong enough to stay. What are your strengths?
aaishawho aaishawho
18-21, F
Apr 26, 2012