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I'm sure as hell know I need to start a new life, being that the life I live now is disgustingly boring and doesn't pick itself up well. Also because of what people who have known me for years expect me to be, to act, and to do. What I have set for myself is just horrible and proves how much of a waste I am. All that said, I have no idea where to go instead. I need to start a new way of life and such but of what? I don't really have an ideal I could be. (Well I had some ideas but in reality they couldn't actually happen.) But I just am floating around, trying to resolve how I did things in the past and be a better person and that's about it. I really should have more of a clear-cut goal of who to be instead, someone I could try to be. As much as people say it of "just be yourself", I'm sorry but Myself is not good at all. The way I have lived my life for about 8 years is proof that I am just bad. I am tired of what people take me as.
UnfinishedEmily UnfinishedEmily
1 Response Apr 29, 2012

I get the same feeling right now. But look to your achievements and your strengths and likes. How was your college experience? Your profile age says you're 22-55 years of age. Just curious. Think of happy moments in your life that could help you make the steps toward bettering yourself, or renewing yourself. If need be, message me and we can talk about it.