I Need To Gain Back Self-esteem

I have been fooled a man called husband...in public eye he is a perfect man without alcohol,gamble,ladies issue but he is the least qualified to be husband because he dont respect me as a wife or even a woman..he always hurt me with emotional blackmail using my two lovely kids..i just cant take anymore..i had sacrifice a lot for him especially my dignity due to his bad character in handling business and end up in big mess and debts..I lost everything because of HIM ...but he never realize his mistake and really annoying day by day..I am worried about my kids future..Im looking for job..but I have been involved in his issue and business for so long ..now I feel so insecure whenever I meet people..I feel like I am total Failure..I need to start over again..as a woman I might be weak but as a mother I am strong enough to face this..I always believe in God..
ajumma ajumma
26-30, F
Jun 20, 2012