Starting Over

We all want to start over somewhere. I don't want to leave all the things that I know behind, but just find a place where it can finally be mine. I want a fresh start with not very many people that I know. Wanting to start a new life for me just means that I want a chance to grow and become a better person. Where I am now, I don't feel like i'm growing, but constantly being pulled back. I made an executive decision a few weeks ago that after I graduate college I was going to find a job and move to another state, preferably somewhere near the west coast. Not trying to run away from any problems, but just a fresh start to make better decisions and live the life that I want to live. We all should give ourselves the opportunity to start over somewhere because its essential to our growth as human beings. That doesn't mean moving to another state, but simply changing jobs or the place that you stay. Wanting to start a new life does not have to mean running away from anything, but wanting to grow into something.
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2 Responses Jun 21, 2012

Love your mature and honest posts, thanks!! love and light x

Design your own home? WTF??? I get you. I too suffer from the "GET ME THE HELL OUTA HERE before this place sucks whats left of my life away" syndrome. Living most of my life in this very small southern town I've said for soooo many years I have got to get out. Unfortunately 25 years & 3 kids later I'm sill here. Still looking to run away from what some call home, yet to me it is still the place I dream to escape one day. Just want to be free to be who I am and let my children just be whoever they want to be. Because of the social status that rules the area where we live, that will NEVER happen. I am currently looking for employment out of state. We will see? maybe this time I will actually have the strength to follow through. You , my friend, should be doing the same. If I can do it with 2 teenagers ,1 of which is about to ruin his life if I don't get him out of here, than you can damn sure do it much easier. Just do it! Don't end up like me. So many year, tears and dead dreams that have passed and barely a second of NOT wishing I had been brave enough to have at least tried oh so long ago. DO NOT WAIT, a better time will not come.