I Hate It All

I hate almost everything about my life. My job, my apartment, it's even to the point where I hate all my material possessions. I hate myself and I wish I could just start over. I have few friends and I love my family, so I feel like I can never live my dream of leaving my present self behind. I wish more than anything that I could start my life over, and I feel that the only way to do that would be to disappear completely and reemerge as a new person.
Sadmiss Sadmiss
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

i know exactly how you feel! .... so what is the answer? when you have such a loathing for your own life how do you start making changes?...i wanted to walk into work and quit today for no other reason than im sick of it! ...i hear that making small changes can effect your happiness in huge ways but who knows?...maybe the massive changes are the ones that are needed...so maybe if your so unhappy you should sell your stuff quit your job and literally start your life again...i mean why not?...its all an adventure isnt it?..good luck

Just inform your friends and family that you want to change, most likely they will say that you don't need to but just explain to them why, you probably have a good reason. You do not have to change in a day.... Start small and work your way up.Losing yourself is not the key changing your perspective and overall happiness is. For example tommrow start taking samba lessons at your local gym. Take a buddy to the gym and if you truly seek new friends then at all these new outings you will find them :)! The next weekend or available time volunter if you don't know where you like to volunter try your local seniors home or soup kitchen. Learn new things your young, one should never stop learning! Start picking up books on the environment and you will sart seeing the pros on consuming less ( not only items and precious materials but space aswell). Suddendly the fact that your living in an appartment will seem good. Now perhaps with these books you will come to value the items you currently dislike at the moment however, if they still arent fitting your fancy sell them on craigs list/ ebay or donate them to a charity, near by salvation army or a friend :). |Remember to keep in touch with your family and attempt to stay close with your friends but if not you wll definatly make more :)! So...try new things, learn new material, meet new people while doing it, value the old things and ultimately doing all these new things you will find out what you love and help you create the different you without doing anything drastic. I wish you luck on this exciting journey and remember you only get one life so use it wisely :)!