New Me

I want a new life I was raised ok I guess I always worked hard to get what I want but I never get it because somethin always happens the I have to spend my last im over weight cuz of depression been tryin to loose weight for four year after I lost my baby the doc's tell me I have to loose 40lbs but it's so hard when u dnt have money an ur job is firing chicken all day im married my husband and I love each other but it seems like everything around me brings me down I work so hard to get a new life try to make more an save money but it always get taken awy I make money to pay bill but my husband makes money to blow it off I've been married for four yrs I never had my first car yet an my husband has had ten oh by the wy im only 24 i've been through so much in my life I wish I can tread it n I've lost ppl that was so close to me an I lost my self everyday I wake up I cry an I say to my self who am I this not me I use to get high everyday so I can cope with how I am I stop now I just sit here an let it b I wish I another job really my dream is to cook I love to do hair all type I love to model if I had a reality show on my life I would get the most views bcuz of my life thats y I want a new life I have so much more to add to that
ssssweetie ssssweetie
Jan 17, 2013