Fly And Fall Or Fly And Soar

I have been living with my mother for the past 22 years. I am currently going to my second college. I have one more year to graduate, but because of living as a depended for quite some time now my grades have been dropping and I feel depressed and caged. Ever since I was 16 I talked to my mom about starting a life on my own, but she always dismissed me and told me to wait. Even today at 22 she refuses to listen to start my own life. I feel like she wants to keep me for herself and have me do things she never got to do in her life. I can't even spend a night over at my boyfriend's. She even plans out my future for me still. She is even thinking about moving and adding me into the equation. Right now I hate where I am living, I hate all the things I have that has been accumalated over the years, I hate living the way I am, I hate having to take care of the house while she goes back to school. She doesn't hardly do anything around the house and blames it on school. I have a full time job, and I go to school. I have less time to do things around the house than she does. She even thinks I can't do my own errands without tagging along thinking she needs me. We have fought a million times about how controling she is, but she wont hear about it. I want to start over and I have the oppertunity to start now with my boyfriend for over 5 years. We are talking about moving up North and start our own life. I can transfer all my credits to a school up there. The only problem is that she still controls my funds and I am trying to figure out how to survive on my own without her delving into my funds. I am scared because a part of me still want to have my mom's approval and support. It is about time to fly. If I fall I can pick myself up and if I soar...that would be just great.
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Jan 21, 2013