Almost Ready to Move This From Goal to Experience!

As some of you already know, I am currently going through a divorce process and desperately want my life back. I am living in a country (that I love) looking to return home to my own. I am now getting very close; court is on for next week. I can only describe how I feel as a hot air balloon tethered to the sand bags and come next Friday the ropes will be cut and I will be empowered again. The marbles have been teetering on their walls for a long time, and now they are all starting to move again, all heading for my future and my home. I am no longer the snow blinded partridge in a tree on hunting day!

I am sooo lucky. I am so lucky to have found a job in IL from a UK company, a really great company in an industry that I am addicted to, with such wonderful people! I am so lucky to have made such good acquaintances in my life that they take such a personal interest in my success and happiness, and now they are all coming together to bring this to conclusion.  Wow!  I just had to tell you! 

I am also soooo lucky to have received the friends I have on EP, and all their comments and stories, it really made a difference to me, helped up lift my perspective through a very troubled time, whether they know it or not.   Destiny is a funny thing, how things and people cross our paths…., how we meet and why we stay together… 

I will be back to this experience, but only to tell the tale of a goal becoming an experience. 

Love you!  See you later!  :)

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lol, well things are moving along at a pretty good clip now..., how fast can you pedal? :)

Make sure you leave some popcorn as a trail because I am hot on your heals.

UPDATE: some ropes are cut, balloon is lifting though not even keeled yet. Though court is not settled I have been granted an advance to afford me to return home to see my parents and start with my new job. In keeping with the same metaphor, there is still turbulance expected but the journey will eventually be realised. At this point I will not be back to this experience until I have realised the goal as an experience, and I am hoping that should be around June. Can't wait!!!! :)

Thank you all for your comments, they are all very much appreciated. I understand that the hard parts in life are where the best lessons are learned, though it is sometimes heartbreaking getting through to the other side.

Good luck to you, and paths cross for a reason, but it sometimes takes a long time to figure out why. I truly believe EP pulls us here for a reason, to get the help we need and then keeps us here because we feel a debit to help others out along our path. Remember if you pay it forward is much easier to take a little out when you need it.

Such positive attitude, full of gratitude, attracts good things. Best wishes to you :)

It is amazing the things that we go through in life, and sometimes it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we sometimes wonder "will this ever end", but eventually with faith and strength we get through the most toughest of times, and to have people, around you to share and give advice is the greatest gift in the world. I am new to this site, and since I have started to share stories etc, it is like I have so many people out there who acually care to read and listen and post a comment or two, that I don't feel as alone.<br />
As someone who has also gone through a divorce, and the whole court thing, I wish you the best of luck, and things will be over soon so you can move on and go after your dreams.

I love your positive energy and optimism!<br />
<br />
Best of luck to you- No doubt that it will be the start of an awesome new life for you.

Cheers!<br />
And good luck; bon voyage!<br />
I always enjoy reading people's statements that express gratitude for what they have.