One of These Days.....

One day I'm going to pack up and leave. I don't think I'll tell anyone where I'm going until I get there. I just need to get away from this area, and sadly, my mother. I think that's the only way I can get out from under her controlling my life.



Besides, I think I'll be much happier starting anew. I think that would be best for me........does that sound selfish?

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6 Responses May 19, 2009

I too want to run, run, run. BUT...I keep remembering something I heard a long time ago: "No matter where you go, there you are." WhiteChocolat was could be happy in hell if you can just figure out how:) Me too...I daydream about getting on a plane, a train or a bus and just going. Sad thing is there's not a lot of REALLY bad stuff I'd be running away from. Just a general feeling of unhappiness:( Therapy I'm sure would help. Just need the $$.

Gotta do what is best for me, selfish or not. ;)

Of course its selfish! SO?

You should do what is best for you. However, be sure that it is you that wants to get away and not someone else pressuring you. I am not sure of the circumstances^_^ But I had an instance where I was in a relationship with a boy and he always wanted to pull me and my mom's relationship apart. He wanted me to come and run away with him. <br />
I don't think this is your situation, but I think that independence is a wonderful thing and wish you luck^_^

Yes, yes and yes!! We all want this, who doesn't? oh except those lucky people, having the perfect life that you don't. I completely understand you, but waiting for this opportunity to come isn't the solution. Happiness can be anywhere, even if you live in hell, if you want to be happy you'll be.<BR><br />
Think of all the things that bring a smile to your face, even if they're so small, life will give you more things to make you happy. If you get this chance then go ahead, leave and take your chance, but untill this time, live your life don't waste your days on dreaming to leave...

How strange!! This is EXACTLY how i'm feeling right now, i just wanna go off somewhere without telling anyone where i'm going! I need some time out! Guess i just wanna run away from it all...