Helping Teens On Their Everyday Life Problems

I am a 20 years young woman who believs in making a diffrence. i would like to start a show that is specificaly targeted to teens. As i was my self i see its important to advice them what goes on, im curently a full time student in a university and all 4 of my freands droped out in secondary becouse they fell pregnent. It hearts me to see them where they are as young as they are and i dont want more teens to do the same mistakes that my freands did. I belive compiling real stories of teens who made mistakes can help stop the coming teens from doing the same thing and give teens a space to can comunicate together. Thank you!!

Owamie Owamie
1 Response Jul 26, 2010

Admirable thoughts and idea. Teens and young people in general face many social pressures not only from peers but from the commercialized world we live in to be someone's definition of 'perfect' which does not exist. We are seldom taught or praised to celebrate what makes us unique and given the proper tools to nourish our special talents. <br />
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