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I want to start a new reality Tv show ....

I come from a a middle class background with great parents i have 4 sisters 1 brother with autism and a half brother my dads son he is between me and my brother with autism and thats right my dad had an affair on my mum , i think the audience will love my family and all the drama that comes with it . I am going through a breakup after being with a guy for 7 years and having a baby to him , my little sister is going through the same thing although she is abit indeniale she still hasnt accepted that her partner is cheating on her , my oldest sister has just gotten married and she has 7 children, the sister after that lives in new zealand and is having a hard time fitting in and its a small town population of 3000 people lol . the next sister has 2 kids and her partner is in jail , and when we are all together its a mad house. you can see my family struggle but at the same time grounded i think im my opinion my family is full of very strong women. and dominant men.
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where do i start .... my father and mother met in new zealand , my mother was 16 and my father ... my mother was a very attractive women when she was younger . my dad fancied her so she kissed him not long after the kiss my mothers friends boyfriend bottle him over the head . the man that done that the leader of the mongrel mob gang , 2 weeks later they saw each other and my dad said i got the bash because of you and my mum apologized and said i had to go lol.

they had the first the first of my siblings in new zealand , she was given to my grandmother usualy in new zealand the first born is always given to the grandparents not long after my mum had the next girls , then they left new zealand to come to australia for a better life my grandmother was so heartbroken because she didnt know to send my oldest sister to australia or keep her in new zealand my grandmother thought it was the beest thing so we all stayed close together and incase we wouldnt accept her as a sister.

not long after that i was born , my dad was a alcholic he was never home and usualy his pay would always be for drinking , and my mother was always with my dad though my mum never drinked she just followed him aroubd my oldest sister always looked after us kids she was like the mother late nights of changing bums and feeding us at the age of 9. at this time my dad was having an affair with another lady my mother never knew until 4 years ago when the mother of the child got our home number and kept ringing. then my little sister was born . But stil this day we look at our older sister like she was our mother. my older sister was very attractive when she was younger , she had 2 girlfrends and the rest were all boys and they were all awsome to me and my sisters

my older sister then moved out with her boyfriend , and these were the most worst times of her life she was in a really abusive relationship. and had 3 babies to him , he use to bash her so bad she would end up with brusses though no one knew for ages until we witnessed it. she then left him , it took her a while to move on from that and shes finaly in a happy place, she then meet another person who was my dads friend way younger then my dad though lol . and he was soo good to her and her kids and to my family though the only probelm was he was a bad gambler use to blow all the money and was into drugs so they split after 6 years , but he raised my beautiful newfiews and nieces and stil til now he ackolodges them as his own kids , if anyother people intertsed i will keep posting