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My name is Michael Roberts and i work at a small screen printing shop called Ferncliff LLC in Dutton AL. that employs 4 people including the owner. Screen Printing is dying trade so people would probably be interested in it plus were all rednecks and obviously people love that by the looks of all the other tv shows that are shown today. Everyday is different and crazy at Ferncliff and i think it would an awesome show.
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

As someone who has worked in the film and t.v. industry for 20 plus years, take it from me: Write your ideas down, in a 'journalistic' fashion, breakdown a list of your main characters, write a 'book report' of sorts of some of the instances and examples of what goes on in your workplace. Copyright it w/ WGA and submit it to anyone who works for and with Mark Burnett (the godfather of reality t.v.)....true.