Yes I plan too many things but with all the stuff that I already do it would be easy to put together ( I think). I have lots of community connections and work with so many organizations already that I know I could get it going and out there fast. I think I want to call it something like "Do As I Do" or "Follow My Lead" or something silly like that.

I want to help the world but realized that you have to start near home and work your way out. I know not everyone wants to be helped but for those who want more quality in life, I can be there. My baby sister has the connections that I don't and I know she would help me on this. I've already researched a few grants that would assist with people who want to learn/train and I have other prominent figures willing to hold fundraisers for whatever I choose. I have the power and now I need to use it for good!

Just gotta narrow that down a bit and draw up a game plan first...


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I actually LOVE to clean others homes and organize... just not MINE!!

I'll be right over *hack/cough* I'm sure you won't catch anything from me *aaaaa-chooo* <br />
<br />
I'd gladly clean your house my love but ya gotta clean mine in return! BRUHAHAHA! Still can't find the green sippy cup of milk... hhmmm *sniff* and can't smell a thing so guess we're safe.