Welcome To My G-spot

"Welcome to my G-Spot.
Bienvevidos a mi Punto-G"- the futuristic announcer welcomed those who entered,allowing refuege to those in rouged sexual tendencies to adhere new concecuence to this world.

The shadows of doubt was foreseen. Plotting a pilgramage in my tight young frame from below.

"I caught myself on fire!!" -screamed an inner voice, "Give me my release!!"
"Now, now..." -said a male voice, "you must ask permission to ***."

Without another second to mourn, with a heavy breath that freashened the public; "Please let me ***!"

The croud grew weary and began to grow voices in distict references. They pointed at the two masses of separate bodies, that one of them obviously was tangent and compromised...

"Not yet."

The croud cheered as tge entrance began to narrow and bounce characters into place. Curioser and curiouser they watch wanting to touch what was so vulnerable. Moist, no...it was creamy...

To be continued. XP SO COMMENT!!!
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Very interesting and evoking. I want to see more! Keep it coming.

still waiting for ur next story

I would love being an instructor at your school.

Im sorry, there's a waiting list. Lol

Being retired I have the time to wait.

i love the story when you going to add more

Different way of putting it!

Taking something that is so natural and putting a voice to it. Gives an air personal conversation

delighted... waiting for the next episode...

Delightful analogies . . . you have a wicked and wild imagination

Mm very intriguing , I want to watch you ***