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Hey Annie, Want some parade candy, little girl?

Hey Annie! Over here!!!<br />
<br />
Over Here!!!! Wave to Me!!!<br />
<br />
Wave to me!!!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many fans, she didn't know what to do....................

Hahaha. There's a parade of people coming in here now wondering what I'm laughing at.

WhooHoo! He's got a whip in his hand! You go, girl!

He tried to get that harnass on my rump once! Cheeky monkey!

He's really working those white socks. Hubba hubba!

I bet you're wearing those slide on slippers with the feathers on the vamp.

Big to do after. The Mr. has ideas! Look at his face.

Yes! The pink rollers! No trashy outfit is complete without them!

Do you still have your pink sponge rollers in your hair?

Shhhh, don't tell anybody, its my nightie cap! Scandalous!

Sacred, I copied and pasted directly into the story box. Come on, fall in line! Ta Da!

Love your hat. Is that what they used to call a "mob cap"?

why can't i put a picture up :( :( :( :'( <br />
why is ep broken?!

Half my family was at the parade as well. The half that didn't take the pledge.

I was at St Pats parade yesterday. Still nursing the hangover

I love a parade!

Yes, and Mr. Annie drives!

Hahahahahaha! Annie, is that you in the shoe??