Ridin' the Coattails! I'm There!

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16 Responses Mar 19, 2009

Haha! AND my eyes closed. LOL

OK...OK.... Peace..... So you are playing with the Presidential balls....You wearing a little blue dress.....Just hope that you keep your mouth shut.....ehheheheheh

Miss Yoo. I told you it was fuzzy. I thought it was lint!

There's no law against wearing clothes made in the image of the flag. People wear t-shirts with the flag on it all the time.<br />
People wrap themselves in the flag in patriotism all the time!

Well that is worse....and agenst the law...You should never use the flag to make cloths....But hey....He is the Savior of all...Guess he can do just what he wants....huh

I know Outercalm. I was joking. Ok, ok, I got me a hairy ball...... ummmm...........ummmmm........ feels like a Kiwi fruit.

Sorry Jojo,<br />
<br />
No storm clouds here, not a drop of rain, I promise.

His belly button lint, I tell ya!

Maybe so but this is MY parade, so please don't rain on it!<br />

I thought this was from a parade in Europe and that the character hanging on represented Europe. I heard some radio talk show making fun of it and they weren't implying that any coat tails were being hung onto. It was something entirely different.

Yeah Singer but we're in a New Era in America! LOL :-)

Sorry......But I though that was in the south....And who ever heard of a black man wearing a robe in the south.......KKK would get mad

It's not Hillary. It's ME! Those are robes, not a dress..........

Looks like Hillery took some leasons from Bill.....She is trying to get into Obama's dress.....ehehehehehe

Yeah! Just look at them. The better to hear you with, my dear! LOL

I can't believe I found it so easily! LOL Thanks! I'm up next!