Can't. Stop. Parading.

New entry in the parade:



LilAnnie LilAnnie
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Feathers. He's a tickler!

Thanks, Speechless. LOL! I doubt I could pull it off, in the scheme of things, not so urgent! But now you've reminded me!!!!! I have a suggestion for back in your blog!

A WHISTLE! I bet it was brass too! Hot Damn!

I snagged a TRIPOD image today too.<br />
<br />
Damn copyright laws!!!!!!!!

Darn. I look so cute! Jaunty little cap on an angle, satin blouse with peter pan collar and double row of buttons! Puffy long sleeves with tight wrists, hands at my hip and trumpet under my pit! Shorts and a whistle! A whistle!

Image hosted by tripod

You can't? Refresh the page and tell me what happens.

Fix the image, LilAnnie! I wanna see, I wanna see!