Part 1 of Many to Come

There is quite a bit you need to prepare yourself for before you get out and start exercising. The reason why I say it like this is because the biggest reason why a person will not lose weight is their lack of commitment.  This isn’t really your fault. You have lived your life in a certain way for so long it’s hard to create a habit unless well it’s a bad habit.

Eating habits are the hardest to break. The reason they are hard is the yum factor. There is a misconception that healthy food or food with less fat in it is just nasty. A person who doesn’t like vegetables will automatically say there is no way they can follow the food plan. It takes commitment from you in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  I can give a plan that will work, if you follow it. The second hardest part of weight loss is being honest. I don’t care if you lie to me I will be 34 years old and look like I am 25. This is not intended to be rubbed in your face. Basically I am saying the only person that it will effect is you. Lying to ones self is a huge reason why weight loss is unachievable.

Some things you need to look at

1.       BMI

2.       AGE

3.       HEALTH

4.       WEIGHT

5.       INJURIES

6.       DIET

7.       SCHEDULE

8.       GOAL

9.       CAPABLE


The first 5 are thing you need to answer right away.

1.       What’s you BMI? Everyone has watched or heard of the biggest looser. The first thing they do is calculate what you BMI is.  BMI (BODY MASS INDEX) this will show us what percentage of body fat you are. It tells us quite a bit about how you live, if your off the chart on a health scale and what is the proper regime for exercise. You can fined tons of calculators all over the net be honest with it.

2.       Your AGE is also important. An over weight 60 year old can not complete the same exercise regime as a 30 year old.

3.       What is your current health. Have you been to a doctor lately? Do you have high blood pressure, heart murmurs, anxiety attacks, head aches, borderline diabetic. All things that can be fixed with weight loss but you need to know if exercising will hurt you. Some people cannot handle extreme weight loss. You need to know what your boundaries are.

4.       What is your current weight?

5.       Have you had any previous injuries that might inhibit you from doing common exercises.

6.       Start by writing down your current diet on a piece of paper. If you ate waffles for breakfast, pizza for lunch and a burger and fries for dinner write it down. I need to know what you eat. This is very important.

7.       What is your schedule like? Do you work 9hrs a day, work third shift....

8.       What do you want to achieve? You need to think of weight loss as something other than a number. You remember math in high school? That **** sucked weight numbers are no different. When you don’t lose the number you were counting on it comes as a disappointment you need to trick yourself into not being disappointed. You still have cloths in your house I am sure you would like to fit into. Lets use that as a goal.

9.       Some people just are not emotionally  ready to enter into a program like this. I am not going to lie to you it’s not easy. It shouldn’t be you have been living your life a certain way that has left you unhappy. You want to make a change your body is going to fight you. If your not emotionally fit to handle something like this you will be unsuccessful.



10.   Commitment. ***** down butt naked and look at yourself in a large mirror. Would you walk out your front door in your current state and not think twice about it. Most people don’t feel comfortable naked. Set that aside for a moment. Are you happy with how you look? Do you feel like you can climb a mountain, run a marathon..Have marathon sex with some hot guy or girl.

Make a commitment to yourself that you are tired of the way you feel and look and commit to me and I promise you that we can make a change that will make you feel exceptional everyday you wake up.



Post your response to this board and I will create a regime that will help everyone one of you. If you lie your only cheating yourself. If you don’t comfortable posting to the board message me, but I would like to post to the board so everyone benefits.



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1 Response Jul 5, 2007

It sounds like you want to help people who want to loose weight :-) Thanks for reaching out to others in a positive manner.