OK, I guess first of all, I'm 6"1' or 2. I tried to measure myself, but it is very tough. I'm 236. I've already lost about 20 pounds this year. I have a couple more that I want to go. Everyday, I eat the subway sub of the day except Sunday, and I have two wheat wraps with Turkey, Hot Pepper Jack or Swiss, lettuce and salsa.

Now the question, I'm biking for exercise. I'm up to 20 miles three times a week (at least). I'm really loving it. I tried on some old pants and the legs were really loose, but the stomach area wasn't. With what I'm doing, will I lose my belly? What is a good weight for someone of my height?
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According to the BMI website, I'm still overweight and a risk of a heart disease.<br />
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Oh stop already... you look just fine! GGRRR!! But if you really wanna do the tummy thing my daugher has a major six pack working and she does crunches... to the sides and to the front... it works for her

The centimeters is 185.42.<br />
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Also, I just weighed myself and I'm down to 231.

Okay Mister, no matter how much I would love to help you I can’t cause I know nothing about diets and exercises, but I have a question instead. Out of curiosity, how much is 6"1? This is a metric person talking! I would goggle it but am a tad lazy ;-)