Week One:

1. weigh yourself. Don't step on a scale for another 7 days.

2. Walk one mile or ride your bike 3 miles every day twice a day. If work is in the way than walk two miles ride 6 miles. Stationary bike is fine or treadmill can be used in place of outside exercise.

Keep your heart rate up while walking, move your arms more or walk at a brisk pace.

Substitute one meal with Salad with oil & vinigar, no cheese or bacon. If salad is not your thing try a fruit bowl. Eat a good breakfast. Keep you breakfast meats to a min. If you eat scrambled eggs take one ot two yokes out of the mix. Eat a egg muffin instead of bread or whole wheat bread.

If followed correctly you should lose 10 to 13 % of your body weight. Steeping on a scale daily can be discouraging "Don't do it"

Make sure you cut off eating at 8 p.m

Jamcojay Jamcojay
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I'll start tomorrow and let you know next sunday what I get...

Thanks for your comment Jamcojay. I appreciate it. I am trying to work on me and everyone on this site helps tremendously.

In my opinion you can stop the destructive process by putting more time into yourself rather than seeking those who keep pulling you back in.<br />
<br />
Long time ago I was friends with a women who meant allot to me. She is not alive now but I will always remember a conversation we had. She was on a self destructive path. It seemed everytime she got out of the hole someone would pull her back down. She became fed up with the continuing process and decided enough was enough. She started a new job, new place to live really started to concentrate on her. You could see how good she felt just by her eyes. She left men out of the picture, she worked on her. It had been almost two years since she had made the turn around. She told me that when you are doing good and feeling good people will notice. People will want to be around you because you make them feel good. That inturn maes you feel good and the destructive process is gone out the window.<br />
<br />
I know the need is strong to have someone in your life. It your not stable though and emotionly your not ready people "Bad people" will read this and will suck you back in.<br />
<br />
Spend time getting you right and everything else will follow just have patience.

thanks jam,<br />
<br />
I was thinking about this and I think I am scared to lose weight. I've lost weight many times and every time I do I get my confidence back and I start looking better and getting male attention. Once this happens I get involved and wind up getting hurt. I'm sick of this pattern, then i put on the pounds and lose confidence so I get no attention and protect my heart. self destructive sabotage

hasn't been quite a week yet...but will let ya pass. congrads on the four pounds though

26 more pounds to go

weighed myself today 151. i lost four pounds even though i did not keep up with excercise schedule because I wasn't feeling well and i did cheat. I'm a motivated to keep going

I'm with you Deb, Hey you're taller than me! Everyone is taller than me! boo hoo

Thanks for the motivation and the coaching!

well congrads on the baby, you should be able to knock that weight off pretty easily

I want to lose 30 pounds at least. Last year I was in decent shape from excericising, going to the gym. I just had a baby 3 months ago and the weight is slow to come off.

five feet 0 inches

How tall are you?

Weight 155.

oh gawwwwd!!

Start tomorrow since it's late in the day today

are we all starting today?

I would like to see your results posted here. as I am sure everyone would.<br />
<br />
The rules will get harder as you go along. Having a strict regime will be the succes of your weightloss. Don't want to scare you the first week.

I see these are the rules for week 1, should we report our progress here, or update?

No fear there about the scales, from me! I avoid 'em like the plague! lol.

I'm up for it. Are these the only rules?