Cosmetology School: To Enroll Or Not To Enroll.


So, maybe this is just a passing whim, but I've suddenly decided that I want to go to Cosmetology School. Want sparked this interest? Well, none other than the Bravo network. Ha. Shear Genius and Tabatha's Salon Takeover has really inspired me and opened my eyes to something that may be my calling. 

I already have a college degree (B.S. in Psychology) that I am doing nothing with. Really, any career that is worth my time away from my family will require more schooling, so I say, why not get the schooling in something fun!

These are the pros of cosmetology school:

  • I will learn an always-in-demand trade. I'll always be able to find work in a salon or freelance. 

  • It's flexible! I can work a lot or a little, or not at all. I can have my own shop, or work in a salon. 

  • It's creative. I feel like it will challenge me in a good and fun way. It's always changing (which I need. I despise boredom and monotony)

  • It is a transferable job. With Beau joining the Marines, we will be moving a lot. This is the kind of job that if I get the proper licenses for the state where we live, I can quickly get a new job. 

  • Free haircuts for my family. :)

  • The income potential is great. If I get a good salon job I could be making $50,000 a year!

These are the things getting in the way of Cosmetology School:

  • It's expensive. I already have about $11,000 in student loans. I'm sure I could get a Pell grant, but that wouldn't cover the cost. I talked to a place yesterday where the tuition was $12,000. Wow. But, that includes everything. 

  • The next few months are going to be nuts. Beau's in school now, until may. Then he may or may not be leaving for training for the Marines. 

  • Not only that, but this baby is due in August. Should I start before the baby is born, or after?

  • It may be time to move before I would finish school. Should I start school and stay in LA till I finish, or just go to school when we get settled on base?

With all this in mind... I am visiting 2 schools on Monday. The Aveda Institute and Remington college. I also talked to a 3rd school yesterday. I am excited to get some information and make some decisions. 


jessi337 jessi337
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2010