see.......i have always imagined myself as that girl with every thing under perfect control.......sadly i am not.........i have always wanted to exercise and have a great body...........but i don't........hope some one can advise me on how i can start doing it!!
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Ok, I wote this a few years back and I feel like a whole new person now, I can hardly associate with the girl who wrote this poor excuse of an experience anymore. I think it is all a part of growing up and I am much happier with my body today (still no exercising though).

As long as you are happy, that is the goal.

Try walking. If you can find some hills in your area, even better. It doesn't need to be fast, just consistent. Walk as far as you can today. Then, tomorrow or the next day, walk a little farther. Like they say at my gym, the weight didn't get put on in a day, it isn't going to come off in a day. If you don't like walking, try swimming. If that doesn't work, try biking.

The point here is, keep trying until you find what works. Never accept yourself telling yourself you can't do something. You can do anything or be anything you want, but only if you want it badly enough.

I have dealt with weight issues my entire life. I still struggle, but I keep trying. It is finally paying off. In the last month, I have lost 30 pounds and dropped 2 pants sizes.

Just never quit!

That sounds highly inspiring. I can't express enough how much I appretiate your efforts and enthusiasm

Although I have no advice I do know exactly how this feels. I have even bought weights and a couple other peices of exercise equipment and for some reason they still sit there collecting dust. Im not lazy so whats the deal? Help us out people!? ;-)

eat 3 times a day and eat less , and most vegetables less meat ,keep it 10 days u will see

i maintain a very healthy lifestyle..........and am a vegetarian by only issue is i dont have enough motivation to start exercising!

oh i get it ..okay then ,how about go to gym with some friends?that would be easier..

my friends are gym Nazis!! i am the only one health conscious there!!

haha , at least u still got clearly mind r u ? i went gym by 3 days and gave up,u want beat me,so what u say ?

pfft... i have given up on gyms now, yoga is much better.

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