Barefoot Hiking

I go barefoot in public but I want to start hiking/camping barefoot.  Please feel free to share your stories or thoughts.

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I say go for it. I've hiked barefoot for the past two decades and rarely had any problems. As for getting athlete's foot? Just wash and DRY your feet after you've been out hiking barefoot.
NakedDriver has a valid point, the fungus needs warm, humid, dark, enclosed space to propagate.

My boys and I do a lot of hiking and we always go barefoot. It's great, you'll love it. <br />
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<b>croc304, your advice is faulty.</b><br />
you do <i>not</i> get athlete’s foot from going barefoot as the fungus needs a warm, humid, dark, enclosed space to propagate. it <b>will <i>not</i></b> (and <b><i>cannot</i>) grow on a bare foot!</b><br />
blisters are also not caused by walking barefoot but by improper footwear.<br />
see (the society for barefoot living) for more info on this healthy lifestyle and how to cope in a shod world.<br />
i have <i>never</i> had athlete’s foot and seldom have any problems as long as i remember to watch where i'm stepping. the worst i usually experience is hitting the ball of my foot on an uneven patch of sidewalk.<br />
<b>barefoot is better!</b>

I used to walk barefoot, now I have athlete's foot, but only on my left foot. You'll also get blister. I wouldn't recommend least wear socks.