Starting It Is the Most Difficult Part

I was jogging every day cause it was part of my training. I remember how great I felt afterwords. Then I got this injury, realized can not train that hard anymore.... then stopped training and stopped jogging at all. I thought: if they cannot have me back, why should I bother and exercise every day. I still sometimes think how would it have been only if... But well, this is called life, isn't it?

My problem is that I can not mobilize myself to start jogging. I even found my jogging partner - my neighbour (she has the same mobilisation problem lol). We were supposed to meet at Phoenix Park two weeks ago and officially start running together, but neither one of us showed up lol. I can not believe I got THAT lazy!

I guess I need somebody to kick my butt and make me!

spot spot
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2 Responses Jul 21, 2007

Okay, I gave it a try but the only thing I came up with was: if I jog I will improve my fitness and I will be able to smash my tennis partner! The thing is I do not really care if I beat him or not lol. The bad things associated with not jogging do not scare me really. But if you would like to help me… I officially give you my word I will start jogging today!! Now I HAVE to do it!

You need better motivational tools! Sometimes making a list of all the great things that will come out jogging, and then making a list of all the terrible things that will come out of NOT jogging will help. Then every time you think about copping out, have a look at it? Sometimes that's not enough though. You have to work out how to associate really BAD things with not exercising. Then you'll definitely do it!