Start My Life Over

If there was one thing I could do before I die.It would be to start my life over.I wouldn't want furtune or fame.Just a normal life with a little happiness and peace.Have someone who only wanted me and no one else.Someone who want ed to share my life with me.Watch my grandchildren grow up and see them start their lives.Not a bunch of drama and heartache.That's all I ask for.At age 44 it's really hard starting over.But I think it can be done.And i'm gonna fight like hell to find what i'm looking for..............

grace1965 grace1965
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This is so inspirational

Dowdy, you don't want to know. I asked that question once and got an answer.

I want to start all over at age 55 after fighting Cancer that almost killed me...well you could say it did, I lost everything I had, my wife left when the money did...and she even wiped out the final balances in our accounts on her way out of town along with 89k our one of clients funds thru our business and the real estate maket went bad and we loosed our daughter had to leave college to finish in the military and I am almost homeless , and begun drinking to ease the pain.and with no car as the banks took them . or cards shot..and on top of it I have world war 3 with my wife whom went from a county club home and know she lives in a trailer in the woods..but to top it off appears my Cancer is back..with no insurance no service or care ...what next the IRS..I hope not because I have No Mail Box..Oh..that good.. in all my years..I have never seen the economy so bad...the joy in my life is my daughter..and her that will be the beginning of my energy from here forward...and I am sure there is a way to return ,,<br />
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what else can life throw at me..

Here I am at 47 ~ beginning to start all over again. Atleast in one aspect of my life. I've decided I don't need anyone else to be happy and need to do whatever it takes to find that happiness and peace. After all these years, its hard and scarey! But, I want to find the girl I was years ago and become friends again!!

i cant believe it that yall sayin the same things i say all the time. i wanna start over, if i had one wish etc, im tired of tryin to keep stiff upper lip i cant keep it up all the time. wish somebody to love was real for me. getting old not knowing where i come from and im tired of g

grace1965, I hope that you find what you describe. I sometimes think that when we are younger we think we have found it...because well we don't have the experience or know how it feels and often we are wrong. It is good that you have the courage to move on!<br />
I often wonder if I would do things the same way if I had the chance to begin again.........but if I didn't then maybe I wouldn't have some of the people I love and care for deeply like my youngest daughter and also my granddaughter. Best of luck to you!

Niether of you are alone. I did start my life over again when I was 36. Now I'm 58 and thanks to a disastrous mistake it's time to do it again. I don't have the same enthusiasm this time.

Good for you. I kinda feel the same if i'd one wish it would be to start life over,i'm 28 and am finding it hard to make a fresh start and accept my past its really really hard and I know what you are feeling.<br />
You sound strong in wanting to find whatever it is your looking for and I think you will be succesful.<br />
Thinking of you lots of luck lol m xox