Why This Haapen To Me?

I know my story is  kinda small and not serius but it makes me lookdown my self and depressed and feel alone coz all people arround me blaming me and call me IDIOT, and they all hates me and slaps me all hard words to me.

I think i lost my source of income permanently because of my stupidity, this last days i make wrong to my paypal account coz i let my friend use it and it becomes limited but i still have $700 there wheremy family really need it but they dont think about it they think they cant use paypal anymore to make business and lost their online business. And now theres no chance to get it back but now i think i lost all and my whole family blaming me.

How can i start over? i feel down and nothing now and i cant even sleep at night.

mtheuseless mtheuseless
22-25, F
1 Response Apr 17, 2010

We all make mistakes and this is what being human is all about. Because this is serious to you it is a problem and losing sleep over it shows this. Try not to be so hard on yourself. It is a life lesson so learn from this and go on. Ask someone that you trust for advice and forgive yourself. There is always an answer to any problem in life or at least a way of making peace with bad decisions or life events. D.