What People Really Think Of Me.

I remember when I was little, about 5, I would always be the spoiled one. I would always be the snitch, and always be the cry-baby. And unfortunately this went on all the way to 7th grade. I remember everything like it was yesterday, I would be the one crying because no one would fulfill my own selfish desires, or be the one telling on anyone who even glanced at me. It was as if I was blind, I couldn't see reality or the damage my own personality would cause me in the future. In 8th grade I began to open my eyes, About half way through the year I began to regret my last 14 years of life. I fell into a deppresion that lasted all the way to my second semester of freshmen year. It was the worst moments of my life. Now I'm a sophomore, and I'm beginning to be myself, but not everyone see's it. Some have a permanent image of my former self, and treat me as if I'm still him. I don't think it's fair, but I did treat them like crap as well. I wish I could start over and be a normal elementary, middle school student. I wish people can see the new me and treat me like a real person. I wish...
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I dont think you can blame yourself for how you were as a young child. You would have have been reacting to the influences and examples around you.<br />
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Dont waste any more time regretting things , you sound like you have a ense of awareness now way beyond your years. Some people never grow out of childish behaviour.