This Would Be Great

Start from scratch. Forget all the people who did nothing but bring you down. Find new friends. Meet new people. Have a new identity. That would be nice.

anschel anschel
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Starting from scratch, I'm sadly in a boat where its a need and not a choice.. I sympathize with you Anschel .. I've had little success so far myself, but anything we do for the first time is very difficult if not impossible.. but if its a dream or a need then its worth trying till you get it right

What I would like is a fist full of "do-over" coupons! There are things I would change, knowing what I know now, but starting from scratch? huh uh, I don't think so. I thought about whether I wished I believed in reincarnation, but there are way more chances of being born into worse circumstances than better.

Thanks hal

hi i am simply agree with your point. whatever you feel is the best and that is your world.. nobody else would understand 100%. I like it. ^_^ ;)

Yes yes you're all right ^_^ Thanks for all those wonderful comments! My story is only a "what if" kind. I just said it WOULD probably be great. I'm referring to resetting life all over again. "Start from scratch". Back to zero. Live a different life with a different name in a different place. :) You must have misunderstood when I said "forget all the people blah blah" "find new friends blah blah". I'm not bitter in life right now. I just wanted to think "what if" life can be reset to when we were all born and lead a different life in an all new different scenario. :)

What holds us back from breaking out & starting anew is the fear of the unknown. Will the unknown be better that my current sucky (yet familiar) situation. There are no guarantees, but life is what we make it and too often we become complacent and settle for less than what we should. Be strong...have faith in yourself.

Burro is absolutely right. But you have to DO more than wish ;-) Maybe making a plan might be a good first step. Good luck to both of you.<br />
No, I don't mean luck! Make it happen!

Yep, easier said than done.. It would be nice if we can all start again from the beginning whenever we want to lol. <br />
<br />
Oh and welcome to EP! ^_^

Sounds great, but not so easy. I just joined this site because I feel the same. I want to do something new, change my way of thinking, be more exciting, have fun and not waste what is left of my life.