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 im going to work towards taking a  wrestling course . and start  working towards a nutritionist degree ,
Im going to get all my dental work done and once i get my SSI im gonna get my teeth reconstructed ,  finish getting my paps done .  quit smoking ,  get up to 100lbs . and tone my body .
  im going to gain more independence by getting my license ,  continue therapy ,  increase my self esteem by completing goals ,  and physical appearance and get my children to respect me .  grow my nails out .
Growing in faith and coming to know God on a more personal  level through prayer and scripture .
 Gaining weight and toning my body  and taking care of myself by eating correctly and taking care of myself .  Im going to determine what i have control of and what i dont and work on changing them  and work towards a better life for my children and myself .
starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
26-30, F
Aug 22, 2007