Sick of every detail that my life/reality consists of. Im sick of the people in my life, im sick of the house i live in, im sick of my job, im sick of the grass that grows on our front lawn, im sick of my computer, my country, my car everything. I wish i had a reset button, And started all over again in a different country, had a whole new life, different friends, different cars driving on the roads, different life style. I cant think of 1 detail of my life i dont want to let go of.

Although this is not a new feeling, alchohol has helped me cope, Now im sick of drinking. I feel like im lying to myself when i try to build a better life, I can get so far, But then just question it all. Is any of it real? Im just decieving myself. Im also sick of doing that. Even the shops around my house annoy me, Nothing doesnt annoy me. F*cken sundays, they always make me feel like this, Im sick of them too.

Obviously there is no reset button, Which leave 2 choices, live or die. Im too scared to die, So i feel stuck in this crap i call my life.


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hey look i use to hav these feelings too but life is not all about things that u hate. like whitechocolat said look at those things that u hate and think about how a lot of people are striving to get those things. and alcohol is the worst way to cope with anything but try looking at your life through another person's eyes. and focus on the positive.

Well at some point in our lives i can say everyone have had this feeling. Do me a favour and re-read your story, let's begin with the first paragraph...you said (people, house, job, computer, car) aren't these things that other people are trying desperate to have them? Aren't these things that deserve that you being grateful about them?<BR><br />
I'm just saying look at what you have and be grateful for it, and you'll get more things to be grateful about.<BR><br />
but if you keep thinking about the things you dislike, then...you'll get more things to dislike.<BR><br />
So hun do me a favor and stop for a minute and say to yourself "i'm grateful for what i have, what i'll have, for the people i have in my life, about my house, about the grass on my front lawn, about the computer i have, about my job, about my car..."<BR><br />
Well it was a little long but hope i helped you...<BR><br />
Take care and remember if you don't face life it'll challenge you to face it...