Want To But Feels Overwhelming Right Now

I would love to own my own business. I've started reading some books and participating in forums of entrepreneurs. It feels really scary and like it takes a lot of persistence and toughing it out. I can be really persistent when I have a really well defined goal, and lots of peer pressure. I suppose my persistence wavers when I don't have that peer pressure. I would love to be a person who always takes initiative, but so much fear holds me back. I am trying to immerse myself in communities and listen to audios where people do do their own thing, so that it feels more safe and normal. I wonder if this is the right way to go about things, or if I should focus on becoming more independent.
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" immerse myself in communities and listen to audios where people do do their own thing, so that it feels more safe and normal." you're on the right track. keep at it, because lone ranger types are very rare.

Just do it. The fear holding you back will always be there until you just push it aside and take the first steps. Oh, the fear never leaves once you get going. That's part of owning your own business. You'll just have to manage it. There will be times when you wish you never took the plunge and there will be times when you wish you still worked for someone instead of owning. <br />
But there will be incredible times when you and only you know you did the right thing. There will be times that you could never see you working for somebody else and taking orders or doing things "their" way. And those time will far outweigh the fears, the apprehension, and the doubt.<br />
Go for it. Start small, be smart, and try to do it with as little debt as possible. You'll never regret it.

thanks rumonkey. i think i just need to see people who do it and believe it is the right thing to do

Inspirational words!

I know it's hard .. and I was not ready after my Bachelor. So I continue my Master instead of working lol It makes me feel better to gather experience and be more confident before I do something big.