I Have Wasted So Much Time!

I have been such a money hater during my whole life, money is evil, money is just a paper, money makes people greedy, ect These are all thoughts that have been in my mind at one time or another feeding that anti-society, anti-consumerism mindset, but now I am waking up to smell the coffee and realized I have got to make money either way if I don't want to end up eating roadkill, and the best way to do that is to be my own boss, since I can't stand taking commands from bosses and people who think they are bosses.

I like being independent and creative, these are excellent traits for any business to prosper, not so much having a big capital of money to blow out in the first try, you don't necessarily have to be rich to keep a business going.

Ideas will come to stay!
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1 Response May 20, 2012

When I was young I wished to be rich and I had a serious entrepreneur spirit but I was naive, selfish, and materialistic.

Then I met a man who thought as you did and convinced me of all the same things (like money is evil etc. pretty much everything you said and more!)

Eventually I came to want nothing to do with money. I'd rather run away and live in a hut or something in the woods far away from society.

Recently, I hit a rock wall (that was me turning thirty) and realized how foolish it was to have given up on my dreams of building wealth. Had I started back when I was younger I could have built something by now! A safety net to fall back on if nothing else. (But I rejected the concept money and have nothing to show for it! Go figure.)

At the same time however I think maybe learning to be humble and grow content with myself first without riches may actually help me appreciate wealth and not be greedy.