One Of My Goals

I have always been the type of person that found ways to make money. Even as a little girl I had that entrepreneur spirit and way of thinking. I would go around to my neighbors when I was 13/14 and offer my services as a baby sitter. Or clean ladies homes for some cash. I would then go to Stapples and buy a box of candies at wholesale and then re-sale at school. I would also make random crafts like keychains and draw/color or do other kid's homework for some $$$. I always found a way to make $$$.

At 16 I got my first job at an amusement park and then a summer internship at a lawfirm as a file clerk. Since then I've worked at many places while going to school on and off over the years. I've also helped 2 of my exes start up and run a business. Some years ago I decided I wanted to major in Business Management. So that's what I'm going to school for right now.

I currently work in an office full time and sell online for extra cash but eventually...hopefully soon...I want to start selling more and ultimately start up my own business.
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You can sign up as an independent distributor at you sound like you would do really well :) that way you can work and earn extra cash to save to launch your own business. Good luck I hope you find a way :)

Two things you might to think of is what is hot and has growth potential such already having a large consumer base that you can crack into. The other if what you enjoy.

Ooo bussinesswoman!! You can do it, hun! :)

Thanks :)